About Us

Our Mission

Free NOLA is a faith-based coalition targeting the issue of domestic human trafficking. Our mission is to bring awareness and stop the exploitation of men, women and children. In the short term, we will utilize Super Bowl 2013 in New Orleans to bring awareness to human trafficking taking place in New Orleans and the surrounding region. Post Super Bowl, our strategy will be to reach out to those trafficked through legislative action and direct outreaches.

What We Need

What we need are feet on the ground, individuals who can help engage the public with the difficult truth that trafficking is not simply something we read about taking place in another country or in another state.Trafficking is something that takes place in our very own backyard every single day. These men, women and children are not a statistic. They have a name.

You are the key to sending the message: we will not look the other way.

We invite you to partner with us as we hit this issue head on. Our plan is to raise public awareness and educate people across all sectors of society: schools, the hospitality industry, businesses, government, police departments and churches. Find out how you can Help Now!